Here are some fundraisers that have yet to reach their goals.

(more will be added as time progresses)

Nakita Marie
I am a 18 year old Black trans woman living in hell in a transphobic and homophobic town in Mississippi, I've been homeless for two months after being kicked out of my mother's house because her transphobic husband wouldn't accept me for being trans, I'm an only child with no one to talk to or no place to go. I've tried figuring it out on my own but it's hasn't been working out well for me. I haven't eaten in 4 days and I have ran out of money from caring strangers.
Christina Duchatelier
Hello, my mom, Derinda suffers from Type 1 Diabetes. She has been battling this disease and its complications since childhood. In 2001 she had to get her left leg amputated and was told in less than 2 years doctors would have to remove the other. A few days ago her powerchair broke and she has no way to get around. I would love to raise money for her to get a brand new chair, and get her old one fixed for as a backup.
Maud Acheampong
This semester, I’ve had to reinstate into a four year university for a 3 credit course to get my political science degree. This institution has harmed and traumatized me in many ways and now, due to the negligence of my advisors, I must spend $1555 to be free of it. The student loans that I have taken out to go to this university amounts to $18500. I want to be free of this trauma by the end of this year. The rest of the money will be used to reinvest into my work as an artist.
Zandria Harrold
I'm raising money to help pay for medical expenses, provider care services and medication for my ill Mother. I've been doing it on my own for so many years because, I don't like asking for help. Helping my mother alone has now affected my health and I'm asking for help to care for her because it has now gotten extremely difficult. I thank you very much for whatever you can do or give!
Help Charlotte Go to College
Hi everyone, Charlotte has been trying to pay for her tuition fees before it’s too late but she really needs help as it has become difficult to raise funds.This is taking a toll on her mentally as she has tried all she can to reach this goal. She has been battling depression and anxiety for years and she decided to focus on going back to school and help others who may be in a similar situation. She gained admission to study International business and finance in De Montfort University.
Leslie Furcron
On behalf of Leslie and her family we are asking for moral support during this time. Leslie was peacefully protesting, when La Mesa PD opened fire in close range and shot her directly in her head. She is currently in ICU and we are praying for a full recovery. These funds will cover any medical expenses, as well as any travel expense to bring immediate family here for support.
40 Acres and a Mule Project
The 40 Acres & a Mule Project came into existence when my endeavors and information sharing began to generate interest in the form of monetary support from others, both online and within my local community. As one of the very few Black restaurant owners in the Coulee Regional area in Wisconsin, I focus my food and efforts on community revitalization through storytelling and civic projects.
BIPOC Community Urban Farm Fund
As we all know, land is not cheap in urban southern California. But this is where we need farms. This is where we need black educators, where we need representation, where we need support.
As a permaculturaist, urban farmer, and educator I want to create a space that is accessible for folks. A haven that I would have wanted in my agriculture journey.
I want to share my food growing experience with BIPOC.
Vancouver Black Therapy & Advocasy Fund
Vancouver Black Therapy & Advocacy Fund is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to raise funds to make mental health support more accessible to Black community members in the Lower Mainland.This fundraiser was created with the understanding of the disparity of access for Black mental health resources; our goal is to connect members with accredited and recommended local Black counselors and therapists. With the help of paid advocates, members would be linked directly to these resources.
Black Mental Health Matters
The Black community in East York, Toronto, and across Ontario deserves increased, adequate access to timely, Black-led mental health supports. Many clients will wait up to a year to access services, and during this time, they can disengage and and feel hopeless. Our goal is to support timely access for Black community members to mental health professionals, be it via workshops or one on one therapy sessions.
Earthseed: Black Queer Housing Collective
In real life, however, Earthseed is the name of a co-operative home that was founded to combat the social ills seen in Butler's books. It is located in Southwest Atlanta and provides extremely affordable housing to Black queer and trans young people in Atlanta. The people who live there must demonstrate a commitment to art and/or community activism and communal living.
Ruby Johnston
Because I was racially profiled and caught with weed, and despite the fact that more than half of college students Self report that they use marijuana, I am not eligible for financial aid for student loans. I also lost my position as an RA that was paying for my room and board. To top everything off, I was banned from campus in combination of Covid so I wasn't able to fulfill my photography assignments that I usually use to pay for the remainder of my tuition (I am a professional photographer).
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